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July 8, 2022
Why workers are shaking the virtual hand of the rising robot

Easily swayed fans of sci-fi blockbusters from yesteryear might have expected to be rubbing shoulders with robot colleagues by now. Yet here in 2022, there’s a distinct lack of after work socialising cyborgs to discuss weekend plans with. The reality is workers are far less concerned about the march of the machines than in recent […]

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June 30, 2022
How to build a modern IT infrastructure strategy

Your IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business, covering your datacentres, communication networks, IT security and applications. It holds your digital capabilities, your ability to innovate and your overall business strategy.  The value of getting it right is simple: if your infrastructure cannot cope with high volumes of customers or regularly harms the productivity […]

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June 29, 2022
Six reasons why you should consider automating accounts payable

Enterprise organizations achieve several proven benefits by automating their accounts payable, these are;    – Dramatically reduces costs: 71% of organizations maintain a fully manual accounts payable process. The savings costs gained by moving to an automated process can be as much as 80%. Enabling organizations to allocate this expenditure into other areas.    – Reduces processing time: 70% […]

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June 7, 2022
Bringing the human connection to the hybrid workplace

We all know hybrid work is here to stay. Remember seeing your favourite co-worker every time you’d walk by their desk, good old water cooler conversations, and team lunches? We reminisce about them. Amongst enjoying the leisure of in-home office and flexible work hours, we miss the fun office catch-ups and occasional lunch meet-ups. Such […]

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