Why workers are shaking the virtual hand of the rising robot

July 8, 2022

Easily swayed fans of sci-fi blockbusters from yesteryear might have expected to be rubbing shoulders with robot colleagues by now. Yet here in 2022, there’s a distinct lack of after work socialising cyborgs to discuss weekend plans with.

The reality is workers are far less concerned about the march of the machines than in recent years. Why? Because they increasingly view automation as a means to making them happier and more productive, as opposed to obsolete.

The value of technology and automation – when implemented effectively – is widely seen by bosses and workers to free up time to undertake more valuable and cash generative tasks. Who wouldn’t say yes to swapping the boring and repetitive for the creative and rewarding?

Yet employees’ appetite for automation is not being satisfied.

The latest research commissioned by Ricoh Europe reveals that only 11% of workers have access to workflow automation tools. The disconnect emerges with 69% saying that automating processes makes their work better. Meanwhile, 44% report no change in their company’s investment in tools to automate tasks or processes over the past year, despite the megatrend of digital transformation gathering greater inevitable pace. A potential morale killer for employees, no doubt.

At Motswako, we believe that working creatively and adding value is what makes work truly fulfilling – whether that’s work within Ricoh or how we support our customers. For us, fulfilment is the feeling gained from achievement and self-development as a result of undertaking truly engaging tasks. That’s why fulfilment through work is central to our vision for 2036 – the year that Ricoh turns 100 and celebrates a century of being at the forefront of workplace innovation.

As our research shows, most employees believe that digitalizing processes improves their work, as admin-heavy workloads, a lack of office booking systems, and inadequate workflow technology hamper the likelihood of them feeling fulfilled. This forms a clear call for automated technology and processes – a call which we at Motswako have answered many times.

It’s no secret that automation represents a golden opportunity for decision makers to improve the employee experience. It can inspire people to become more invested in their work and help to rejuvenate disillusioned colleagues. Employee ‘boreout’ is real, after all. At the same time, automation can see customers benefit from a faster and more reliable service – thus improving the likelihood of retention. Bosses can no longer afford to ignore the automated elephant in the room.

It all comes back to fulfilment through work. After all, feeling content with frustrating technology and cumbersome manual processes is as likely as an alien invasion.

Discover how Motswako can help your business succeed on its digital journey here.

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