Our Cyber Security solutions give your business confidence, detecting and eliminating the latest threats before they cause any disruption. Working alongside and enhancing traditional IT security systems with hassle free remote installation, you will be protected.

Cybersecurity Services

The frequency and variety of cyber attacks is rapidly expanding as companies accelerate their digital transformation and hybrid working becomes more popular. A breach would be hugely detrimental to your business and customers. Your infrastructure is only as strong as the weakest link. Threats require attention from experts who can help implement cybersecurity preparedness and response plans.

Tailored services, agnostic technology: Our highly skilled team of specialists will guide you and help find the right solution to cover your cybersecurity needs starting with threat and risk management and including proposals for annual infrastructure improvement plans. Armed with multiple certifications, we work agnostically, offering the best available tailored solutions.
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Neutralize cyber threats with our Managed Security Service

Today’s digital workplace may be great for productivity and employees, but with remote network access, cloud applications, endpoints, and mobile devices your risk of exposure to cyber-crime is also great. Lock your IT infrastructure up tight and you’ll safeguard your information and data assets.

Our Managed Security Service protects, monitors, and when necessary, remediates, so you can work without worry. Our solution features:
    - Advanced endpoint protection
    - Threat detection
    - 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring and Response
    - Dark web monitoring

Protect against a leading causes of data breaches

Weak or stolen credentials represent a top cause of network breaches and data loss. Fortunately, you can take simple steps to reduce this risk.
    - Single-sign-on (SSO) reduces risks due to password sprawl with its one click access to cloud and on-premise apps.
    - Multi-factor authentication (MFA) across applications, VPNs, and endpoints also helps reduce threats.
Identity Access Management (IAM) service delivers these solutions to reduce your risk. Once deployed, employees, customers, and partners will find it easier – and more secure – to access multiple cloud apps and company resources (as designated) from a wide range of devices, anywhere, at any time.

Defend Against Ransomware

In the first half of 2020, ransomware attacks rose 715% over the same period of 2019². The second half of the year saw more than 200 million attacks – or one every 25 seconds with ransomware payments averaging more than $230,000.³

No matter how tight your security, unless you get 100% prevention 100% of the time, your risk remains high. One miss and your data is lost as the costs skyrocket.

RansomCare’s revolutionary approach dramatically cuts that risk.
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Stay ahead of threats and ensure industry compliance

If you’re in an industry with strict compliance requirements, you know failure can mean severe penalties. Whether you deal with HIPAA, financial regulations, or PCI compliance demands, the best answer remains to protect your data.

With nearly 20 years as a managed IT and security solutions provider, our team and partners can bring expertise to meet every business compliance requirement. Together, we craft a strategy for you to stay ahead of threats to ensure compliance and protect your information.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service programs also support recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) to meet governance and regulatory requirements

Protect your business & customers against Cyber Crime

Your network, endpoint, and email security protect more than your business. They protect all the companies you do business with. And cyber security involves more than defense against cyber criminals and hackers. Even disgruntled employees pose a cyber security risk.

To address all these threats, you need constant vigilance. And a strategic cyber security plan designed to meet your business’s unique security and compliance demands. Our cyber security services can support you with design and implementation, fully managed security services, and identity management.
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