Solar Power Solutions

Lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint with our customizable solar solutions. Let's build a brighter future for your business and the planet.


Take advantage of our comprehensive energy assessment services to strategically plan and optimize your ideal solar solution, with flexible financing options available.


Allow our team to create a bespoke solar system that precisely matches your energy requirements, spanning Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture, and Housing Estates. 


Our goals are to reduce your energy costs and get you to complete enerov independence. Turnkey Solar EPC - Design. Installations. Financial Modelling  and Tailormade Business Propositions


Hybrid - Solutions, Integrating Solar with Grid Power and Battery Storage

Accredited Installation Team, Highly Qualified team, Streamline process. Professional Workmanship and High Quality Materials


We offer a variety of Solar (P) solutions that can be customized and scaled to your business needs. So why wait? Let us help you tap into the power of the sun and take your business to the next level

Procurement Options

Discover our procurement options for Solar Power: Customized solutions to meet your specific needs at Motswako Office Solutions.
  • Outright Purchase Option
  • 5 years to 12 years rent to own options.
  • Insurance included on the rental options
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, solar energy is a highly viable option for businesses in South Africa due to the country's sunny climate. In fact, solar power is becoming increasingly popular among businesses seeking to reduce their reliance on the grid and lower their electricity costs and carbon footprints.
The amount that businesses can save by switching to solar energy depends on various factors such as the size of the system, the business's energy consumption, and the cost of grid electricity. However, studies have shown that businesses can save anywhere from 20% to 80% on their electricity bills by switching to solar energy.
Solar panels generally require minimal maintenance as they have no moving parts. However, it is recommended that businesses have their panels cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure optimal performance. In addition, inverters, which convert DC electricity from the panels to AC electricity for use in the business, may need to be replaced after a certain number of years.
Excess solar energy generated by businesses can be fed back into the grid through a process called net metering. This allows businesses to receive credit for the excess energy they generate, which can be used to offset their electricity bills during periods of low solar production. Alternatively, businesses can install battery storage systems to store excess energy for use during times of high demand.


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